Monday, August 20, 2007


By Gary J. Gabehart

"Buyer Beware!"

I wonder if a day goes by that the Melungeon, Redbone antagonist Larry Keels wonders who he is today -- what aka should he use, what bit of misinformation should he present? Who should he attack personally? If you are a member of his site, and you are attacked, and Larry does not step in, you can bet you were attacked by one of his alter ego's -- Lynda or Lucy Suder today, Lester tomorrow or his Indian alter ego cruzjohnnypass -- in short, it's all Larry and it's not even healthy.

It's not a serious site in any fashion. They do not discuss genealogy, it's a -- bogus Melungeon/Redbone site. How Campbell and Waters can support this tripe is beyond me, as they are frequent writers on Larry's Renegade site.

The information put forth by these folks, such as Larry, is always behind a smoke screen, layered in "he said, she said, they said" and put forth by an aka, a surrogate, an alter ego. Ever notice how he is quick to quote someone else as if it is the truth? Check out these quotes sometime, and see if the quote is indeed correct -- with no missing or added verbiage.

The sad part is the total lack of integrity for these folks, who, in a perverse way, consider their activities as just playing around. They are quick to say "who me?" Their defenders are just as lame, and some of them even lurk on valid research sites to pass on new and interesting research to the purveyors of hate and phony information. Larry has even posted on Wikipedia some nonsense about Redbones and Melungeons without citation -- fairytales from a warp five mind.

Those folks who are lurking, I might add, surround themselves in the guise of the elderly, who never have any opinions and never present any research at all, but who will jump on you in a heartbeat if they think you are poking fun at "their leader." Being elderly however, like me, does not mean you are stupid and can get away with anything.

One such site, Melungeon and Redbone Renegade Research, or some such moniker, continues to attract a replacement following which often lasts a few days before fading away in disgust. The ones who stay are mainly his alter ego's or the weak minded in his likeness. If you cannot attract a following, invent one!

This is a warning for all -- you can't believe everything you read, especially when it is prefaced with he, she, it, they, them. And, never trust anyone who is hung up on naked savages or conflicting verbiage inappropriate to the commentary or place published.

A good example is a piece written on the site for Goins Researchers by the Larry Keels, aka Lester K. Cummings (now removed by Ancestry), presenting an article negative to DNA Research and written (supposedly) by a third party. Smoke screen (because he has been booted by his real name), surrogate presented (which also appears to be booted), and written (maybe), by a third party.

Now, if you find negative comments out there in Cyber-space, about who or what Melungeons or Redbones were, the first thing you must ask yourself is do they know what they are talking about? The answer is always no! They have likely not done any meaningful research, have a hidden agenda, or devious and insane motives.

BTW, there is no definition for either people. The two groups, Melungeon and Redbone, are as diverse as the strips on a Zebra's back. They were and were not even multiracial people.

"Buyer beware," is a valid warning!

Gary J. Gabehart, Mishiho (Mish-eh-ho)

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