Wednesday, October 3, 2007


By Gary J. Gabehart

Recently, Harvey Morris, descendent of Spencer Morris ca. 1830's (husband of Caroline Goins), sent me an interesting interview by one of Henry Goins (son of Jeremiah Goins) daughters -- Callie Goins Edwards.

Her interview evolves around her "rearing" in Texas prior to the Civil War and her subsequent migration to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1878 to visit with her mother Sarah Simmons Goins. Callie, also known as Catherine, born 1856 would have been about 22 years of age at the time of this trip.

Henry died in 1870 in Plesanton, Texas and it would appear that Callie remained in Texas after his death.

There are a number of points in this interview that are extremely important to the family and others that should be noted. First, the interview was taken in Oklahoma in 1937. Callie lived around Henryetta and was listed as a Choctaw Indian. The investigator lists her Grandfather as Jerry Goien. You will remember that in the Bevil Census, in Texas, Jeremiah was listed as Jerry.

Two things here, put them in the back of your mind, first Jeremiah seems to use the name Jerry quite often and second, his surname was recorded as GOIEN.

In her interview, Callie speaks of having a conversation with Patsy Hall of Mississippi where she was told that her Great Great Uncle, Jeremiah's uncle, "was with one of the first loads of Indians to come to this country (Oklahoma Indian Territory). She also mentions that they were driven like stock by the soldiers and when one of the old folks fell out, they left them where they fell.

Further, Callie states that, "My grandfather, was a Choctaw Indian but he didn't come with the soldiers. He came to Texas on his own accord so didn't suffer the hardships that the others who waited did."

Here, it is very plain that two groups of Goins came from Mississippi. One via Louisiana (Jerry Goins) and one from Mississippi to Indian Territory -- both families were directly related.

Callie stayed a year in Indian Territory and talked her mother into moving back to Texas, but after a year, abt. 1880-81, Callie, her mother Sarah Simmons Goins, and other family members left Texas again for Indian Territory.


Gary J Gabehart, Mishiho

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