Monday, July 16, 2007


Although the Redbone "Study" Conference may be held in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the actual "Members meeting" may be held elsewhere -- even electronically or by mail.

You have to remember that RHF is a research organization, and although they will accept anyone who wishes to research, they are primarily interested in researching, not social club activities.

RHF is not a social recreation club, and they don't need to be saved from themselves by the likes of Ray, Brenda, Terry or the rest, but the Starks Historical Society, SHS, had better watch out -- Ray and his brother in arms, Sandra, have plans for you.

We have nothing in common with Bearhead Creek email site and certainly nothing in common to the weird Larry Keels site (if you could even call it a site), where Larry has had to resort to making up members like Lester (he used that to get back on Genweb when they booted him) and his mythical sister Lucy or the phony Indian name he uses on Indian hobbyist sites, just to have someone to debate. I bet LV Hayes is laughing his socks off at Larry.

Of course, some may not get along with LV, but you have to agree he does real research!

I'm still continuing to travel the Southwest and did have an enjoyable conversation with Diane last night. We plan to get together, and I'll see John while I'm down there as well.

So for Ray Bridges, plan on another place to do your crazy "Gay act up" routine in drag. Wear your kilts.

More later.

Gary J Gabehart, Mishiho (Mish-eh-ho)

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