Sunday, July 29, 2007


By Gary J. Gabehart

If you Google the Internet, you will find a crush of Melungeon and Redbone sites all professing to have the true definitions of these mixed race peoples. The telling fact is that if they have a definition other than mixed race peoples, they are wholly bogus sites.

There is no definitive definition by individual ethnicity.

Having said that, I expect there will be a rush by these bogus sites to mend their heresy in some way. But remember, there is no definition for either group other than mixed race people.
True, you will find a Turkish influence as well as Portuguese, but you will find many more Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American, European Ancestries and more. A melting pot of, as the Louisiana French called, "Lagniappe" (look it up, it will be fun).

The Helen Campbell site is best known as borderline at the moment by some folks, but could be somewhat authoritative on the Melungeon issues. What is lacking is whether she is, or is not, blessed by official Melungeon Research sites. She did capture the blog site name known as:

There is however, two well known Melungeon factions in the Vardy Tennessee area (maybe more), Ridgers (Newman's Ridge) and the low land folks of Brent Kennedy. It is sometimes difficult to tell where everyone stands, but I would not discount Helen's work.

The Redbone Heritage Foundation site contains the unvarnished work and archives of many researchers. It is pure energy and total research in it's rawest and pristine form. Check it out, but it is slow to load!

It is a shame that he includes the name Ashworth in this Blog. But, it is thought that his Negro heritage (his published DNA report) along with Larry Keels heritage, may come from E3b factions (West Africa) within these families -- a fact that neither can tolerate. But, get over it, it's history and you're not living in the old South of the 1800's -- it's time to quit hiding it.

Note the names of his Louisiana cousins and pictures. Are they accurate? Unfortunately, he is a 5 th cousin of mine, but you can't pick your relatives.

Nothing would be complete here without mentioning LV Hayes. Hayes gets a tiny bit off track on his e-site at times, but although some of his posting could be strongly debated in his attacks on others, he is fair and usually accurate with what he posts in the way of research, and unlike Larry Keels, has made a successful e-site, and ....... he does not talk to himself. Just two important factors.

To the Larry Keels e-site folks, I say contact LV.

The RanDs site is a Goins think tank and well worth joining. They began with Goins and now research all the related families and more. If you like in depth research and archives, it is one of the best on the web with a little bit more -- Lagniappe! This site is operated by Stacy Webb.

The point of this Blog is, for the newbies and honest researchers out there, you are going to run into a lot of bed-wetting, snert monkeys on the web, and nothing is sacred even in Redbone Country. But, there are decent research sites.

Gary J. Gabehart, Mishiho (Mish-eh-ho)

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