Saturday, June 23, 2007


But first, Ray Bridges Death threat (he might really mean it). So, what would you do if he made something up about you -- sit there like a wuss?

In a message dated 6/21/2007 4:55:22 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

"Old Two Feathers (that's what my cousins call you), you must be hyperventolating even as we speak. I'll dance on your grave."

In a message dated 6/21/2007 4:49:26 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

"Old man, you're going to work yourself into a stroke. You've done made the wrong bunch of Redbones mad at you."

Threats? Who knows, but just for the record, thar ya be pilgrim! The wrong bunch of Redbones, according to Ray, are Brenda Bass, Linda Clark and Terry Jackson. What are they up to?

Now the question in my mind, which has been popping up for months, "is Ray Bridges Redbone by blood?" Or, as my Spanish friends would say: "a pinche cousin by marriage." Ray dodges the issue which makes me wonder?

Are the other Redbones in the group blood Redbones? It is likely that Brenda Bass and Linda Clark are -- maybe? I am blood related to many of the Bass family. Is that a surprise? Thirty relations and twenty-five of them by blood. Oh, oh, there was an Indian in the woodpile.

I know that Linda Clark has been ragging the RHF (since the big throw down, as she puts it -- throw down?) to remove her picture from their website as an attendee at the 2006 conference. You know, they don't have to, but they likely will. But, which one is she? Maybe she should send a picture.

Yes, that is Ray's drama -- guess Linda bought into this phony war of his. War is hell I suppose, but what would Ray know about War? The part about Bearhead Creek is also phony, Ray just wants to drag folks in who don't want to be a part of his American Gypsy group -- Ray, Terry, Brenda, Linda?

Now Terry is another claiming Redbone, but is he, as I put it earlier a "pinche cousin by marriage," is he Redbone by blood? It really doesn't matter one way or the other, you're still family, except -- when you are damming the Redbone Community in the guise of a blood relative, if that is the case. Smacks of Cowboy and Indians or "I'm going to take away your little red ball," says the school yard bully.

Isn't it strange that with the help of KPLC-TV, according to Ray, and I've seen the emails, they are valid, they are to make Redbones Gypsy's? Is that why I've had 5 (five), (Cinco), (IIIII) email messages cussing Ray and KPLC for attempting to make Redbones Gypsy's? Did this fabrication really start at Starks? I hope not. Maybe Elain Metcalf could tell us.

And that brings up another matter -- the matter of twelve RHF DNA kits in Ray's hands. My suggestion is to not buy -- yeah, "BUY" any kits touted as costing $25.00 -$50.00 -$100.00 dollars a pop from the Starks area. Enough said. Psssss ..... "ya wanna buy a DNA kit cheap?"

Now let me tell you one more thing -- RHF is not going to stand for this racist story if it is indeed being concocted by Ray Bridges & KPLC-TV (as Ray has stated). You're on notice, you will be sorry you wrote the story. Hear the sound of tramping feet? (And that, is directed at where the shoe fits -- do I make myself perfectly clear?)

But, back to my blood relations. I've said I'm blood related to the BASS' and I'm more blood related to the DRAKE'S, DOYLE'S, JOHNSON'S, RYAN'S, RIGMAIDEN'S, GOINS', BAYLES, BUXTON and other Redbone families. Now I said families, not related to names, and it is all by BLOOD, NOT BY MARRIAGE.

Where does Ray come into the picture? Beats me, he refuses to discuss it. How about it Ray, how blood related are you? Put it on the table.

Gary J. Gabehart, Mishiho (Mish-eh-ho)

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