Saturday, June 16, 2007


On behalf of all the "naked pagans" of North America, I am compelled to say it just ain't so!

The latest commentary by Larry/Lester Keels refers to indentured servants skipping out on their masters to join the "naked pagans" in the wilds of North America, and -- having the gall to take their English Surnames with them. The commentary invokes visions of landed servants casting off their clothes en mass to run naked into the woodlands in order to join benevolent naked pagans in revelry. Pretty strange from where I sit.

But really, naked Christians hanging out with naked pagans in the park?

Larry Keels writes:

"However, my guess is that this type of emigrant would have been a prime candidate to bolt from the arduous existence of indenture (ship) and take quickly to the adventures of an untamed wilderness populated by naked pagans. As the naked pagans accrued more and more of the imported culture of the Christian invaders from the Eastern Hemisphere, some of them too (sp) eventually simply usurped the surnames of famous interlopers into their backcountry (Two words)homelands."


One may pose the question: "Were my Redbone families pagan?" "Were my Indian ancestors naked?" Were all newly arrived emigrants predisposed to cast off their prized clothing and valued shoes, if they had any, to join naked pagans in the bushes? Who were these naked pagans that Larry Keels speaks of?

Moreover, anyone with a little (very little) common sense, that does not have their heads glued between the pages of a "wild west" magazine, would understand that during the winter months, in most of the United States, those invented or faux naked pagans, if it was so, would freeze their Cajones off. Even the youngest of Redbones on the Gulf Coast know you don't run around naked in the winter.It is of course another fairytale to make the wild supposition (daydreaming) that "naked pagans" were even pagans and without their own Deities. One man's idol might be another man's God. Were they influenced by "Christian" invaders only?

Larry Keels, of course, is playing "Cowboys and Indians" again. Mother! Lock up the cap gun, and send the Manifest Destiny Kid to bed early.

As far as adopting surnames of famous interlopers, I would find that just a little far fetched in the 1500--1600's. King George the what?

Naked Pagans Rule, or "Fish Naked!"

Gary J. Gabehart, Mishiho (Mish-eh-ho)

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